Recently constructed, the Museum of Philosophy is now featured in the SL Showcase, and the traffic to the site has jumped dramatically. Featured in the non-profit and education section of the SL showcase, the Museum is also a destination to visit for a wide range of art displays. Soon, the Museum will be adding original Machinima videos about philosophers. And it’s a home to a nice garden where people seem to enjoy hanging out for conversations, with music playing in the background.

It’s been more than two months since the launch of WhyReef in, and things are going swimmingly! The North and South Reefs have had over 80,000 visits, and over 500,000 reef animals and plants have been counted, meaning that Whyvillians are monitoring the reef very carefully. Interest in WhyReef has leveled, with ¼ of all Whyville visitors playing on the reef at each login.

On April 14th we launched “Reef Encounters” in the Reef Station; a place where kids can view video clips of different reef plants and animals. Right now there are 20 clips available with plans to add 20 more in the near future. There will also be a space to post video clips from scientists about their work in coral reef environments. The reef videos have only been live for 3 weeks and we already have had over 1,800 visits.

While all these numbers are compelling, the level of interaction and engagement with the kids is even more exciting. In the reef, kids are chatting about where to find specific organisms and which species are their favorites. The reef octopus and the white-tip reef shark are particularly popular. There have been 148 postings in the BBS, and the most popular thread is “Ask Mark”. Whyvillians have been asking our scientists questions about reef life and conservation.

Smallworlds launches on RezEd!!! We are happy to announce that RezEd members can meet virtually at any time within the virtual world of Small Worlds, which starting today is officially partnering with Ning.
Every member of RezEd can easily join and log-in to the web-based Small Worlds environment from within the RezEd site.

We will be announcing soon other opportunities to meet up within Small Worlds for specific events and dialogues. In the meanwhile, check out our “RezEd Educator’s Zone” in Small World, and explore the rest of the world!

In this week’s RezEd Podcast Episode 40 on Discussions on using WoW in Education and the partnership of Whyville and Dell, four World of Warcraft [WoW] players give an introduction into the educational affordances of WoW, with an In Focus session detailing a new commercial partnership between Dell and Whyville.

This week’s aha moment, “Avatars Enhance the Language Learning Experience” is written by Laura Jacob of McGuffey High School.

This week’s featured discussion, on Project Wonderland is moderated by Kevin Roebuck.

Every church is based on community, helping and belief. This church, and the priests who utilize it to serve the people around them, take that to an entire new degree. Their belief and also their love knows no boundaries. How would you such as to be a part of something that is just good in this world loaded with problems and also heartache? Now, it is simple for you to come to be a component of something genuinely lovely.

If you prepare to end up being a part of something genuinely excellent then why not choose the 仙台の教会 in Japan? It does not matter whether you are a full-time homeowner of Japan or just going down in for a check out. You will be welcome here. Nonetheless, if you are a full time homeowner, you can anticipate extra from this church than the majority of others. It may be the one place that you will come to be a part of something bigger. That understands, as a full-time resident and member, possibly you will additionally help those in demand to uncover that there are genuinely great people worldwide who agree to deposit their own difficulties to assist those in need. Are you prepared to help others?

The Sendai church in Japan is more than simply a pastor speaking words to you. They have food for those that remain in demand. They supply convenience to anyone suffering. They have live bands to take pleasure in as well as aid individuals that see them to see that discovering more about Jesus can be interesting and also enjoyable. During the Christmas season, the children take control of as well as tell the story of Jesus’ birth. During various other times, you can end up being a component of the chorus if you intend to sing regarding your belief.

The 仙台の教会 in Japan is ran by Pastor Caleb Chang and also his better half Pastor Christina Chang. They are from the FCBC (Faith Community Baptist Church) in Singapore. Nonetheless, 10 days after the Northeast Great Earthquake, Pastor Caleb most likely to Tohoku, Japan to help out with the disaster, where he stayed on for 3 months activating and assisting 200 volunteers who were also there to aid. This has continued. On Saturday they are offered in Sendai. On Sunday they travel to Kesennuma to serve those that survived the tsunami.

Are you troubled by something larger than you can handle? A glance through the testimonies will certainly tell you that the Sendai church in Japan can bring you comfort. It does not need to be overall destruction that brings you to their door. You merely need to find a close friend in the pastors and in Jesus. In doing so, you will rapidly find that you are not the only one in your difficulties.

The Sendai church in Japan makes it simple for you to come to be a part of something fantastic. Are you ready to embrace it and also uncover how much good there still remains in a world that appears to be at its craziest? All you have to do is visit this incredible church and also pay attention to what Pastor Caleb and also his life companion Pastor Christina need to state. They will comfort you in times of need also, if you are ever in a placement that you need a shoulder to lean on.

Individuals of Japan and also its lots of site visitors all enjoy the 仙台の教会. It is a church that has done points for the area as well as various other areas of the globe. It is all performed in love for the people and also for Jesus. As an added reward, you do not require to understand Japanese to enjoy this impressive church and also its services. For the locals and site visitors who talk English, there are also services offered for you. Are you prepared to uncover what this church can bring right into your heart?

It is a project they have been a part of for the previous 3 years. It is something they delight in being a part of still. Their words inspire the people of Japan, even during their most troubling times. They have actually placed their heart right into feeding as well as gaming consoling those that were struck the hardest by the devastation in Japan as well as it is a pattern that they will certainly not stop anytime in the near future.