Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

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In this Green Smoke review I will show you why this popular ecig brand is the perfect alternative to tobacco smoking.

Designed for first-time vapers, Green Smoke makes it easy for you to transition from real cigarettes to e-smoking. The device looks like the real thing, down to the colors of the batteries and cartridges as well as the tip that glows every time you take a drag.

Vaping on Green Smoke is just like smoking – put it in your mouth, take a long puff, and then exhale. You will feel the same hit on your throat, savor the familiar tobacco taste, and blow clouds of smoke-like vapor.

Although Green Smoke e-cigarettes mimic natural smoking behavior, they do not contain tar (tobacco residue) that causes teeth stains and lung cancer. No lingering odor, no secondhand smoke, and no cigarette butts. You can use Green Smoke virtually anywhere, even in public places where smoking is banned.

Green Smoke batteries and cartridges last a very long time. Each cartridge can produce the equivalent number of puffs as 30 cigarettes, bringing down your pack-a-day cost to just $1.99 – more than 60% cheaper when compared to regular tobacco cigarettes.

Pros and Cons

Green Smoke Pros:

• Realistic throat hit
• Thick vapor volume
• Rich flavors
• Excellent battery life
• Long-lasting cartomizers
• USB cigarette and leather case included in every kit
• Simple screw-off, screw-on cartridge replacement
• Great loyalty program

Green Smoke Cons:

• No e-juice refill option
• More expensive than other ecig brands

Full Green Smoke E-Cig Review

There are two ways to try Green Smoke: get a starter kit or pick up a pack of disposable ecigs. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy the awesome experience in an easy-to-use format.

To get started, attach a FlavorMax cartomizer to the battery and take a quick puff. You will notice a bright red or green glow at the tip of the battery each time you draw on the ecig.

Packaging and Style

Consistent with its brand name, the Green Smoke starter kit screams nature with its olive color and hillside backdrop. You can almost mistake it for a pack of herbal tea because of the leaf logo.

For this Green Smoke review, I got a Pro Kit which comes in a sturdy magnetic fold packaging that’s about the same size as a smartphone box. When you lift the cover, you will see one short and one long battery neatly tucked in a thick molded foam insert.

Underneath are a couple of discounts given with a Green Smoke coupon, an in-depth instruction manual, a tips and warnings card, and a Club membership card which you can show to bouncers or law enforcement officers who might mistake you for smoking in a prohibited area.

Beneath the printed materials are individual compartments for the car adapter, USB charger, wall adapter, USB cigarette, and two boxes of 5-pack FlavorMax cartridges. Each cartomizer is tightly covered with green rubber plugs at both ends and sealed in a blister pack to ensure freshness.

Green Smoke disposables are also shipped in a vacuum-sealed pack, with the cartomizer secured by a Green Seal Sticker on the mouth end and a white rubber plug at the battery end.

Unlike those cheap ecigs that you find in gas stations, Green Smoke batteries and cartridges screw together perfectly. No loose ends and no leaks.

Green Smoke Vapors are the most affordable way to try out Green Smoke. Each stick gives you the smoke volume of up to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. A great gift idea for your smoker friends, Vapors are available in Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice Flavor at 1.8% nicotine strength.

There are three types of starter kits plus a combo bundle -

Designed for the casual smoker, the Express Kit is the cheapest way to get started with Green Smoke. It includes one battery, one USB cigarette, 5 cartomizers, one USB charger, one wall adapter, and a leather case.

The Pro Kit is the most popular product in the start kits lineup. With two batteries (short and long), one USB cigarette, 10 cartomizers, one leather case, and USB/wall/car charging options, you have all the ecig gear you need to vape indoors and outdoors for more than half a month.

If you want to buy two Pro Kits, get the Love Birds Kit for a sweeter deal.

The Ultimate Kit includes everything in the Pro Kit plus a third battery, an extra USB charger, and a zippered leather case.

Green Smoke FlavorMax cartomizers are sold in packs of five – giving you the equivalent of 7.5 packs of cigarettes in each box.

Flavor and Vapor

When I took my first draw on a Red Label cartridge in full nicotine strength, I couldn’t spot the difference between Green Smoke and regular cigarettes. The throat hit is the same as what you would get from a Marlboro Red, and the vapor looks like actual smoke. I also tried Menthol Ice cartridges with their disposables and got similar results.

In addition to classic tobacco and menthol varieties, Green Smoke offers ecig cartridges in chocolate, mocha, and vanilla flavors, which according to many users, are dead-on reproductions of the real thing.

As a menthol smoker, I really enjoyed the strong, refreshing kick of Menthol Ice cartomizers.

Green Smoke pioneered the 1-piece cartomizer design and further enhanced the technology with the introduction of the FlavorMax series in July 2011. This new cartomizer significantly improved the life and quality of the cartridge.

Each cartomizer is equivalent to around 30 cigarettes. I used to smoke a pack a day so it came as a surprise that my first FlavorMax cartridge lasted more than two days.

Green Smoke cartomizers are very easy to use. When the vapor weakens and you notice a slightly burnt taste when you inhale, just dispose of the old cartridge and screw in a fresh one.

Once the Green Seal sticker and rubber plugs have been removed, the cartomizer will stay fresh for approximately 2 weeks. Cartomizers can last up to 18 months in storage if kept in optimal conditions.

Safety is always a concern with anything you ingest or inhale, so I’m giving them props for disclosing its ingredient list on the label of each cartomizer pack. Each cartomizer contains USP-grade propylene glycol, USP-grade glycerin, artificial flavoring, and nicotine (optional).

Nicotine Levels

Green Smoke FlavorMax cartomizers are available in five different nicotine levels:

• Strong (2.4% nicotine)
• Full (1.8% nicotine)
• Light (1.2% nicotine)
• Ultra Light (.6% nicotine)
• Zero (does not contain nicotine)

Because ecig cartridges deliver nicotine in a formula that’s different from regular tobacco cigarettes, you might need to experiment with several nicotine levels until you find the right one for you. I used to smoke Marlboro Lights but found Green Smoke’s Full filters to be more satisfying than its Light cartomizers.

Most users are able to gradually move down to zero nicotine levels while still enjoying a rich smoking experience.

Battery Life and Charging

Green Smoke ecigs are lightweight and easy to hold. The short battery is about the same size as a normal cigarette when the cartomizer is attached. Although the long battery is around half an inch longer, you’ll hardly feel the difference in your fingers.

Unlike other ecigs that you have to turn on every time you puff, the Green Smoke e-cigarette has a built-in sensor which activates when you inhale, and turns itself off when not in use. Green Smoke ecigs are designed this way so you could enjoy a fluid smoking experience just like with a traditional cigarette.

Green Smoke ecigs have an exceptional battery life. According to them, you can pull around 300 puffs (25 cigarettes) from the short battery on a single charge, and around 400 puffs from the long battery (33 cigarettes).

Using them out of the box without charging, my short battery lasted more than a day while my long battery lasted close to three days. I used the disposable battery one entire weekend before the vapor thinned out. If you’re a heavy smoker, it’s probably a good idea to always carry a backup.

There are two ways of knowing when it’s time to recharge your battery – when there is a noticeable reduction in vapor volume, and when the LED tip flashes three times. The short battery takes 3-4 hours to fully recharge while the long battery takes 4-5 hours. While your batteries are charging, you can use the USB cigarette included in your starter kit for continuous vaping. The USB cigarette can be plugged into any USB port in your computer, wall adapter, or car adapter.

Green Smoke batteries are among the most responsive on the market. Unlike most automatic ecigs that need to be ‘primed’ (taking a few quick puffs before a long puff), these batteries respond well even when you are using them for the first time. Straight out of the packaging, you can take a normal drag to create large amounts of vapor.

Batteries come in white and pink colors, with red or green glow tip options. If you want to vape in style, pick up a designer battery in Cooperstown, El Paso, New Orleans, Chicago, Charleston, Seattle, Manhattan, or Springfield design.

Product Value

Depending on which state you live in, a pack of traditional cigarettes can cost you anywhere between $5 and $12. With Green Smoke, you can get the same equivalent for only $1.99, or as low as $1.77 if you order the 80-pack bundle.

Although they are way cheaper than regular cigarettes, it is not the best option for you if you’re looking for the most affordable way to vape. The prices of their products are pretty steep when compared to other leading e-cig brands such as V2 Cigs, South Beach, Apollo, or SmokeTip.


Green Smoke is one of the first electronic cigarette companies to offer a monthly refill program which eliminates the hassle of manually placing your orders for cartomizers. Just fill out the form with your credit card details, choose the number of cartomizer packs that you want, and they will be shipped to you automatically every month on your preferred date. If you need to change or cancel your monthly refills order, you can do so by logging into your account or by calling the customer service hotline.

Green Smoke offers a 30-day money back guarantee and supports most credit card payment options, including MasterCard, Visa, Discovery, and American Express.

They also offer free shipping, but it has become a nightmare to many customers as orders take around 30 days to arrive. Spend a few dollars on shipment to eliminate the hassle.

About Green Smoke Inc.

Founded in 2008 in Miami, Florida, Green Smoke Inc. aims to provide smokers with an exciting new alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Green Smoke pioneered the 1-piece cartomizer design and introduced the revolutionary FlavorMax cartomizer that significantly improved the life and quality of the cartridges.

These electronic cigarettes are independently tested and carry EMC, FCC, CE, and RoHS safety certifications.

Today, the company continues to pride itself on consistently delivering the highest quality products and one of the best customer experiences in the industry. Green Smoke is the proud sponsor of TJ Bell in the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Green Smoke Inc. is a BBB Accredited Business since January 25, 2012.


From the packaging of its starter kits to the performance of its batteries and cartridges, Green Smoke is definitely at the top of its class. Many smokers are hesitant to switch to ecigs because it’s hard to get acclimated to them, but Green Smoke has done a good job in making its electronic cigarettes as close as possible to the real thing.

The flavors are incredible, the vapor is realistic, and the battery has just the right sensitivity for a normal smoke. The responsiveness of GreenSmoke ecigs is impressive, with a normal drag producing a very satisfying throat hit.

Users who have been trying to kick the habit for 20 or 30 years are able to quit tobacco cigarettes without battling through intense cravings. Now they can enjoy the same smoking sensation in the office, at home, and even inside the car.

Green Smoke is an amazing product but there are still a few things that the company can improve on. First and foremost is its price – there are plenty of ecig brands out there that offer the same performance and quality at a lower cost.

Even if it sticks to its premium price tag, Green Smoke can make its products more attractive to budget-conscious vapers by offering refillable cartridges and e-liquid. Manual battery options and more flavor varieties and accessories surely won’t hurt too.

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